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Curitiba, Cologne
Felipe Blum
Jaqueline Diedam

Initial Position

As many cities, downtown Curitiba has a traffic jam during most time of the day, and this makes people choose not to go out to buy goods by car, instead they call delivery services. With this fact in mind, we went trough the delivering and transporting process in this specific part of the town, and we found out that it is made by someone with a bike, or a trolley , and that are many difficulties to supply this social need.

Even though using a bike is faster, there are other obstacles in the path: loading the goods, cars on the street, people on the sidewalk,locking the bike and unload the products. The first part of the process: loading the goods, was chosen to be the focus in this project. The products that are delivered usually are those who a person can not carry when walking downtown, such as gallons of water and bottled gas. To load these kind of stuff on a bike the first problem is the heavy weight and the rounded shape of them, also they have to pick up the cans from the floor, or from a pile of it and attach them in a special support that is located on the front and rear of the bicycle . They ride their bike with many extra pounds all over the area.

The trolley usually is too big to fit the sidewalks, so it has to ride on the street, with the cars. It is not safe for the rider, and it is bad for the traffic, because it slows down very much. The trolley is used to help the recycling process in town, but as it is not well resolved, this device causes lots of problems too.


Item Overview

#123 Fixing Goods

A single bike can be used to trasport up to 5 gallons of water, but it is not any kind of bike that can be used for that purpose, these ones are made with front and rear supports, and have a parking system near the front tire. This bicycles are left outside the store while the process of unload/upload the goods is happening. Strings are used to attach the gallons on the front and rear support. They also... more

15 Jun 2010 by Jaqueline Diedam

#144 Garbage removing

As in many other bigger cities, people with a low income tries to earn money from colecting waste in the streets. In this case, this 33 years old man colects cardboard from the garbage, and take it to a recycling center, he usually makes 50 reais per day ( 23 euros ), but that amount may vary with the quantity, kind and quality of the cardboard.
He walks in the street, along with the cars, and when he needs... more

17 Jun 2010 by Felipe Blum

#141 Door to door delivering

A 50 years old woman was riding her bike with her grandchild, shopping bags, and bakery produtcs to sell. She was in a place that had no bike lanes. The child was holding her, but with no security devices. A small basket holds the goods and the shopping bags. She has many clients in different neighborhoods where she goes once a week to sell the goods, when she does not has enough clients, she knocks on... more

17 Jun 2010 by Jaqueline Diedam

Downtown delivering | administrative and functional facts

The delivering system is well know in downtown Curitiba, and there are many stores that provide this service for free. With this interview we learned more about how the process of delivering works. The interviewee is the owner of the store, who was also building a furniture for his bussiness, on the sidewalk.  more

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