Another private parking space

This one uses the brazilian parking symbol for inicating that it is a parking space

Inside the parking lot

This is how the parking lot looks inside. Some areas are covered, some not.

private parking faܧade

This is how most of the private parking spaces look like. The most importante thing here are the prices: they could be very different according to the areas where they are located.

Context of the observation

Brazil is a very car oriented country and Curitiba ain't an exception. The number of cars is growing exponentially and there are not enough park spaces on the street. This gave birth to the private parking spaces: with a variable cost per hour, they have a space where they will keep your car safe. Thie is very common at the center of the city, where sometines there are 5 parking spaces on the same block!


Rua Amintas de Barros, 270, Centro, Curitiba


1 Interpretation

Altough it is a veichle, most of the private parkings won't allow any bicycle inside, pleadging all the sorts of excuses. Sometimes, negotiating is required and, after some talk, the owner will let the bike inside - sometimes even free of charge.

Gabriel Jacobi
18 Jun 2010

1 Question & 0 Responses

Is there a way to skip the task of searching a private parking and all the negotiation involved?

Gabriel Jacobi
18 Jun 2010