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Improvised and formal inside a residential building



Item author
Gabriel Jacobi
Item Created
17 Jun 2010
Photo taken on
16 Jun 2010 3:27 pm
16 Jun 2010 3:24 pm
16 Jun 2010 3:29 pm
Photo author
Marcel Pace

improvising a parking spot

Unable to use the parking rack, these users just left their bikes in the corner of the garage.

locking the bike

Although there is a system fr locking the bikes, few of the residents use it.

parking rack inside a residential building

This parking rack puts all the bikes on a vertical position, thus saving space for the cars.

Context of the observation

Most of the residential buildings do have a bicycle park for the residents, located inside the garages.


Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti, Centro, Curitiba


1 Interpretation

Sometimes, the parking racks can be very innefective, as shown in this residential building downtown.

The problem in this observation is clear: although this parking rack saves space, it's really high: some people are just unable to lift their own bikes

Gabriel Jacobi
17 Jun 2010

1 Question & 0 Responses

How can the parking rack be improved without compromising the space usage?

Gabriel Jacobi
17 Jun 2010