Item author
Gabriel Jacobi
Item Created
17 Jun 2010
Photo taken on
16 Jun 2010 4:04 pm
16 Jun 2010 3:59 pm
Photo author
Marcel Pace

improvised parking space

the owner of this bike wasn't worried in using the proper parking rack

parking rack at Passeio Pܺblico

This is the formal place for parking the bike inside the park. It's easy and next to the police station.

Context of the observation

This observation was made inside a traditional park downtown in Curitiba. It's a place where eldery people come to play cards. There is also a police station inside the park.


Passeio Pܺblico, Centro, Curitiba


1 Interpretation

The only reason that crosses my mind for not using the parking rack is for keeping an eye in the bicycle.

Gabriel Jacobi
17 Jun 2010

4 Questions & 0 Responses

How could people e motivated for using the appropriate parking racks?

Gabriel Jacobi
17 Jun 2010

or will they be removed if they stay to long at one place? For example, when a bike is locked at one place which is not meant for it for weeks.
Will something happen?

Carla Zimmermann
21 Jun 2010

Are there any rules or laws about parking your bike not onto a parking rack?

Carla Zimmermann
21 Jun 2010

Does this bike disturb anybody? Should the people really park their bikes only in special parking racks?

Thomas Wasilewski
17 Jun 2010