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Pedro Branco
Item Created
16 Jun 2010
Photo taken on
16 Jun 2010 11:52 am
Photo author
Vivian Jacob


A very well-located bus stop downtown Curitiba where people can exchange from one bus line to another(at a very non-crowded time of the day). Some wait in line while others lean against the resting bar.

Context of the observation

Tubes have a red resting bar where people can sit and lean for getting rest while waiting for the bus. Although, the doors to enter in the bus are located in the other side of the tube, when its crowded, it`s very common that passengers that really need to use the bar, like elders, people carrying heavy/big things, others with kids and babies, cannot use the bar without losing their turn in the line. Besides, there is no actual queue, thuss the ones closest to the door end up entering the bus first.


Tibagi Street, number 20, Downtown Curitiba, Brazil, Curitiba


1 Interpretation

This choice that sometimes has to be done, makes the act of catching busses harder. More people would be willing to use the system if they had sure that even when carrying big/heavy things or assisting children, they would still catch the bus without any problems.

Lucas Martinichen
16 Jun 2010

2 Questions & 0 Responses

Maybe one way to ease the ''choosing between sitting or waiting in line'' issue can be by providing quality information to the users. What kind of information can help users to decide betweet sitting or waiting more rapidly and efficiently?

Pedro Branco
17 Jun 2010

The possibility of eliminating this "choise" between sitting or staying in line by giving the users the chance to do both at the same time would improve the quality of the experience of being in the tube. What ways would make this possible?

Bianca Berti
17 Jun 2010