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Vivian Jacob
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17 Jun 2010
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16 Jun 2010 3:11 pm
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Vivian Jacob

Sunblock Intervention

Cashier protecting herself from the sun

Context of the observation

In this picture its shown a piece of fabric fixed with vacuum cups, made by the woman cashier that works in this tube, localized near the Botanic Garden of Curitiba.  In this case, she brings and takes it away with her everyday, since she made it and it belongs to her. The propose of this adaptation is to protect her from the sun.


Av. Pres. Affonso Camargo, 2269 - Cristo Rei, Curitiba - PR


1 Interpretation

Most of the time there are a few problems in the tube. Some of them disturb the work journey of the cashiers, so they need to improvise interventions to feel better in their workspace. One of these interventions is the sun blocking shield the cashier made herself.

Bianca Berti
17 Jun 2010

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What are all the needs that should be thought to improve the workspace?

Bianca Berti
17 Jun 2010