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Relationship between bus stop surroundings and time spending



Item author
Laura Schraven
Item Created
22 Jun 2010
Photo taken on
16 Jun 2010 11:41 am
Photo author
Laura Schraven

Usage of waiting Time: buying food

People buy food at a bakery store next to the station.

Context of the observation

On this picture you can see the station at "Rudolfplatz", which is one
of the big bus stations in cologne, where many people get in and out
of the bus.

The station is composed by the tram and the bus stop on the same side
of the road and consists of a possibility to shelter yourself, some
benches, a digital schedule and a fence.

Across the trail there are different shops like a bakery, a cafe and a
kiosk where people often buy some things before catching the bus.

The image shows a woman sitting on the fence while eating the bread
she just bought. At the same time we noticed the option of sitting on
the fence because of the lack of seating possibilities.

In general in Cologne a lot of people can be observered while spending
their waiting time with buying food and drinks in the shops nearby
(bakery, dehli etc.) and eating it on the station while waiting for
the bus.

Interaction between waiting people, people passing by and the ones
that sell something next to the bus stop is clearly visible.




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Philipp Heidkamp
22 Jun 2010