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Obeying red lights even there is no cars



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Scarlett Poon
Item Created
15 Jun 2010
Photo taken on
14 Jun 2010 3:05 pm
Photo author
Scarlett Poon

Waiting in front of red light

a family waiting in front of red light when there is no cars.

Context of the observation

There was a family standing in front of the road, not crossing as the red light is on. But obviously there was no cars at all. The parents were standing in front of the kid, the dad was standing next to the traffic light and the mom was standing on another side while the kid is in between them.




4 Interpretations

As long as the red light was on, there was no cars at all, but the family still obey the rule. Perhaps they think it is safer and it is right to obey these rules. Especially when there is a child, maybe parents just want to set a good example.

Scarlett Poon
17 Jun 2010

There is another person standing on the other side of the road - also waiting. So everybody is aware that somebody else is waiting too. There is a pigeon on the street - a hint that there is no car approaching. The people in the Eiscafé are quite relaxed - but look at the situation. There might be a relation between the people in the scene as everybody is aware of the other ones. Maybe everybody would pass the street if he or she would be alone - but the shere presence of other people is a social control. So the red traffic lights create a relation between the people involved in the situation. This can be observed for people not knowing each other (and are just involved in the scene) and people knowing each other (like the group with man/woman/boy in the foreground) as well.

Philipp Heidkamp
24 Jun 2010

Actually we can't see it here clearly because of the picture, but the people in front of the street weren't waiting to cross, it was just a group of people gathered there on the corner of the sidewalk. That is what also made us though, if this family are the only ones waiting, and there is no pressure, why do they wait at all? Is it because of their child? Would they wait if the child wasn't there? Are they trying to teach the child to obey the rules or are they protecting him because they believe a really danger could come even in such a calmly street?

Patricia Vidal
25 Jun 2010

Scarlett Poon
25 Jun 2010

3 Questions & 0 Responses

Is it really safe to obey the rule of traffics?

Scarlett Poon
17 Jun 2010

Why do people wait for the traffic light to turn green while the road was empty when red light is on?

Scarlett Poon
17 Jun 2010

If the child was without his parents, would he wait for the red light turn green?

Lucas Martinichen
17 Jun 2010