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Rachelle Bugeaud
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17 Jun 2010
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17 Jun 2010 4:17 pm
17 Jun 2010 4:15 pm
17 Jun 2010 4:14 pm
17 Jun 2010 4:10 pm
17 Jun 2010 4:12 pm

Sub, Cash and Ride

A unlocked bike is parked in front of an ATM.

natural parking

A bike locked to a tree

Inside the restaurant

The bike was parked, but not locked, in the doorway of the restaurant.

Bikes on the wall

The bikes are locked from both sides to the fence. People took the effort to lift the bike up the wall to secure it.

Bikes use Stairs

The handrail is used to lock the bike.

Context of the observation

Throughout Cologne it is quite usual to see bicycles park against unusual structures. We photographed some of these bicycles while walking through the central part of Cologne on a sunny afternoon. Some bicycles were locked up to trees, others to staircases, some even had to be lifted up to be locked up against a fence - only supported by a little ledge.We photographed as many unusual parking places as possible. In order to be considered unusual the bicycle had to be parked somewhere no one (or barely anyone) expects a bicycle to be parked.


Neumarkt, cologne


2 Interpretations

Often people have to create new parking solutions since all "official parking" places have been filled. An "official" parking place would be one where bike racks are available. This often leads to creative, unusual situations where bicycles are found secured to uncanny objects. It might also be possible that these "new" parking places which they have found are closer to their destination. For example if a person biked to a friend's place but there is no "official parking" nearby, he/she will simply lock up his/her bike to a tree which is in front of their friend's place. This saves time and energy since the cyclist doesn't have to waste time finding an "official" parking place.

Rachelle Bugeaud
17 Jun 2010

I believe this observation is strongly related to the "No bicycle parking allowed" item. Unusual parking spaces are border-lining with illegality and it seems both observations have the same problem: the lack of proper parking places for everyone.

Gabriel Jacobi
18 Jun 2010

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What kind of characteristics does an object need to have in order to provide a reliable place onto which someone can lock their bicycle ?

Rachelle Bugeaud
17 Jun 2010

Is there a way to make the unusual parking a little bit easier? In the case of the bikes in the wall, for example.

Gabriel Jacobi
18 Jun 2010