Guido Göbbels
Rachelle Bugeaud
Jonathan McTaggart

Initial Position

Cologne is a bicycle friendly city. Very bicycle friendly.

Cycling lanes criss cross the city, and are usually the fastest way to travel from any given point in the city to another. Besides bicycle lanes, we also have park-houses, special train carrieges for long distance travelling, and many many shops and maintnence spots. Cologne is also a very young city, with the largest University in Germany and many schools - Cologne is full of students, and almost every student has a bike. Although public transportation is usually fast and reliable, a bike is still faster, and also relativly safe, since car driver are used to share the traffic lanes with cyclists.

As the city is full of bicycles, it is also full of parked bicycles. at first glance, there seemes to be no order in how people park their bicycles. Side walks and public spaces are full of locked bicycles which cannot be moved. Some bikes seem not to move at all while some change their location every couple of hours.

During this project we have spent our time walking around the city and (at first) passivly observing how, where and why people park in the way the do. Later on in the project we took on an active role, and tried to evoke more complex parking behaviour while leaning on basic human instincts that we observed in the earlier stages of the project.

Where can people park / store their bicycles? Which infrastructure is provided? Which habits do people have? What is the relation of people involved in such situations? What are rules, laws and principles? Which systems exist?

Item Overview

#118 Bicycles Are Herd Animals

The observation was done around Cologne Central Station. The observation time was done in the afternoon and on the morning of the next day. Of these bicycles, most are city bikes belonging to commuters (people who must travel to a different city by train in order to work).Within this area four signs were placed, which stated that no bicycle parking was allowed. On the other side of the observation spot... more

by Guido Göbbels

#139 No Bicycle Parking Allowed

The observation was done mainly around Cologne Central Station but we could observe similar events in the city (between KISD and central station). The observation was done on several days during different times (morning / noon/ evening).

A special spot of observation was a memorial which dealt with the deportation of jews. The memorial was placed between two signs which indicated that parking was not... more

17 Jun 2010 by Guido Göbbels

#140 Bicycle Patterns

This observation took place in front of Cologne's Main Train Station where a large concentration of bicycles are located. Of these bicycles, most are city bikes belonging to commuters (people who must travel to a different city by train in order to work). However there is also a smaller concentration of rental bicycles which are usually forming their own separated pack.

The bicycles are parked parallel to... more

16 Jun 2010 by Rachelle Bugeaud

#142 Unusual Solutions

Throughout Cologne it is quite usual to see bicycles park against unusual structures. We photographed some of these bicycles while walking through the central part of Cologne on a sunny afternoon. Some bicycles were locked up to trees, others to staircases, some even had to be lifted up to be locked up against a fence - only supported by a little ledge.We photographed as many unusual parking places as... more

17 Jun 2010 by Rachelle Bugeaud