Workshops and Projects » Street Stalls II Cologne



23 Oct 2006 - 08 Oct 2009
Musashino Art University (MAU)
Köln International School of Design (KISD)

In October 2006 Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi (MAU) led the first street stalls workshop in Cologne, together with Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (KISD).

Street stalls as an interface in between the city life and the city space. There are many different kinds of street stalls in the city. These street stalls as temporary structures might be serving many different kinds of goods and services in the public space, which must be based on the cultural context of the city life. The aim of this workshop is to explore the meanings of the relationship between »design« and »public« through the survey of street stalls in the city. You will find a new function of »interface« as new aspects of design through this workshop.

Cologne Stalls Guide

This group developed the »Cologne Stalls Guide« and pointed out typical street stalls in Cologne. The reader gets a short information and the location of different stalls all over the city.



The group co4 observed street stalls all over the city of Cologne. Their analysis criteria were: visibility, personal service, improvisation, mobility, uniqueness, regular customers. They pointed out the following street stall main features: 1. rare and unique products, 2. personal service, 3. ability to adapt to the environment. Finally they presented the „sound stall“, their idea was to use the... more