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Louise Smith
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27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
22 May 2009 7:45 am

Segmentation of vehicle lanes eases the crossing of the streets for pedestrians

Context of the observation

A woman stands on the center island of Kenyatte Avenue between six lanes of fast-moving traffic. She has stopped in the middle on her

way across the road, and is waiting for a break in the traffic in order to cross the other half.


As a general rule vehicles in Nairobi do not yield for pedestrians crossing the road. When traffic is thick and quick-moving a pedestrian

can wait for 5 minutes until the traffic clears, allowing them to cross the road. Designated crossing areas are practically non-existent, and

are widely disrespected by vehicles. In-fact, this center island may even be seen as an aid to pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians are forced

to find a way through, and frequently make themselves vulnerable to the mercy of drivers, because there is no other option.



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What criteria go into the decision of when and where to cross the street?

Louise Smith
27 Sep 2009