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Louise Smith
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27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
22 May 2009 8:41 am

Traffic streams conflict in a situation where rules are merely not visible for observers

Context of the observation

Two streams of vehicular traffic cross eachother in a clear, but somehow illogical way. People on the sides of the streets watch, and avoid

the situation, as cars go and come from all possible directions, clashing in th middle.


This incoherent mixing or streams is partially due to the odd street planning in the downtown district of Nairobi, and partially due to the

non-yielding, aggressive way that commercial vehicles take control of the road. The drivershave a sense of entitlement to the road, and

of power, feeling their is no need to yield to anyone or law, and a great sense of urgency driven by the fact that the faster they move, the

more frequently they get paying customers. The individual instead of group logic in reaction to traffic flow and regulation is a barrier in

situations like this rather than a help. If one direction would stop, there would be plenty of space for the other direction to clear away.



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How can competition slow a driver down, or speed a driver up?

Louise Smith
27 Sep 2009