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André Sheydin
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27 Sep 2009
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23 Sep 2009 3:45 pm


Context of the observation

The physically handcapped are allowed by the city council to sell anything in some parts of the city centre. Physically capable persons are not allowed to hawk in the centre. Many people don't go to markets at night due to security issues and the distance. Some hawkers pretend to be physically handcapped as they rent those wheelchairs from particular places to do business illegaly. The primary business of the hawkers using wheelchairs is to keep a wireless phone and to offer the public phone-service (called “simu ya Jamii” in swahili). Other businesses they do (mostly at night) is selling cigarettes, sweets, groundnuts and other small goods.




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What possibilities of spatial organisation, regulation or construction are available to
ease the interference with motorised vehicles?

André Sheydin
27 Sep 2009