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André Sheydin
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27 Sep 2009
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12 May 2009 7:41 am


Context of the observation

Trolleys are also traffic participants on highly motorized roads since there are no separate lanes for non-motorized transport.




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How are we to explain the fact that Nairobi’s infrastructure is set up exclusively
for motorised vehicles and pedestrians, while NMVs have represented a
valued and much-used means of transport throughout the city’s history? Do
NMVs, by their very nature, not need such dedicated infrastructure, or is that
simply a misapprehension?

André Sheydin
08 Jan 2010

What are the informal agreements on traffic behaviour between pedestrians, non-motorised- and motorised vehicles in Nairobi’s traffic?

André Sheydin
27 Sep 2009

Which criteria for the design of facilities encourage the use of NMVs?

André Sheydin
27 Sep 2009