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Mkokoteni as number one transportation tool between markets



Item author
André Sheydin
Item Created
27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
23 Sep 2009 3:45 pm


Context of the observation

A mkokoteni operator mit his vehicle on a typical market road where motorized vehicles are unthinkable. The mkokoteni is empty and the operator is in quick motion probably on the way to load the vehicle. On his way through crowded areas he gives signals with his mouth (which are very individual) for the people to go aside because people would not hear the non-motorized vehicle approaching.




2 Questions & 0 Responses

Which businesses can only be conducted using non-motorised vehicles?

André Sheydin
27 Sep 2009

Which personal circumstances lead mkokoteni drivers into this job?

André Sheydin
06 Jan 2010