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Marie-Helen Scheid
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27 Sep 2009
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19 May 2009 6:44 pm


Context of the observation

Wakulima is the key distribution point for vegetables and fruit in Nairobi, important for Nairobi’s economy. Most of the traders are farmers, others are brokers who go from farm to farm and also meet small-scale farmers to collect produce and to bring this to the market in bales. The fresh produce arrives in Nairobi from 47 Kenyan districts as well as Tansania and Uganda. The majority of this passes through the bottlenecks of wholesale markets such as Wakulima before the produce moves on, in small quantities, to retail markets, kiosks, street vendors, and greengrocers.

Rachel is one of hundreds of brokers at this location. Every morning she buys fresh vegetables, such as SukumaWiki (kale), for an Indian restaurant in the dapper Westlands of Nairobi. Rachel is specialised on vegetables, as others are delivering meat, eggs, fruit and beverages to the Indian owner.



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Which factors like behaviour, clothing, appearance are leading to “trust” in a trading situation on a market?

Nina Werner
27 Sep 2009