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Marie-Helen Scheid
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27 Sep 2009
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19 May 2009 7:00 pm


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Due to the fact that the paths and ways in the market are narrow, no transport mean can be used. If retailer want to buy a lot of stuff at the market that he or she then sells to small shops or restaurants, they need help for transport. This structure creates opportunities for people to organise new jobs: like a carrier's job: These people transport the products of the Wakulima Market using big sacks, which - depending on the goods - weigh between 70-100 kg.The job is finished at the outside of the market, when the next transport mean has to be choosen by the retailer to carry his products to the next destination.



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Does a SACCO have chances becoming a business tool in the legal economy sector?

Marie-Helen Scheid
27 Sep 2009

A SACCO is a "Savings and Credit Cooperative (German: Genossenschaft).
Cooperatives as such can be useful as mediators between trader and government.

heiner jacob
02 Oct 2009