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Ellen Sturm
Item Created
27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
07 Sep 2009 7:32 am

A hawker selling inflatable animals in a traffic jam

Context of the observation

A man is selling inflatable, colourful children seats between cars stuck in a traffic jam. Two seats are blown up, he has to hold one up high to navigate between the cars. The sky is grey, promising more rain. He is not the only one selling goods here, a little behind him another man can be seen, selling something else. Whenever there is rain in Nairobi, the traffic situation gets even worse than it is. So bad weather causes more traffic jams, which means more opportunities for hawkers like this one. He walks from car to car, offering his strangely misplaced products - why would I want to buy an inflatable children seat when stuck in a traffic jam? I would understand cool drinks and a snack, but this? The other hawkers do not have more meaningful things, some stuff related to cars, but others sell saw fish, pictures for the wall or clothes.



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Which aspects of the Kenyan economy would change, if the hawkers illegal activity would be legalised?

Bob Muhia Njoroge
27 Sep 2009