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Ellen Sturm
Item Created
27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
22 May 2009 1:46 am

A woman preparing and selling chapati at a small stand in Kibera

Context of the observation

This woman was sitting on the side of a 'street' in kibera, selling the chapati she made there on the spot, rolled in used office paper. The street in this slum was barely broad enough for a car to pass, but it didn't matter, as there were no cars anyway. Just pedestrians walking past her on the unpaved and littered way. The little stand she uses consisted of a small chair and a little table, as well as a plate heated by coal to make the chapati, she had the dough ready, but also all ingrediends there on the spot to make more dough if necessary.



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What is the influence of traditions on specific mobile workplaces?

Ellen Sturm
27 Sep 2009

Are there different "rules" and habits for a stall in a place like Kibera (compared to other districts) - maybe due to the economic situation, the social situation, the population density?

Philipp Heidkamp
24 Oct 2010