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Hawkers selling goods at night next to the globe cinema roundabout



Item author
Ellen Sturm
Item Created
27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
22 May 2009 1:37 am
Photo author
Ellen Sturm

Night scene with hawkers at the Globe Roundabout

Context of the observation

Pedestrians are passing by illegal hawkers at night, close to the Globe Cinema Roundabout. Their stands are build up in a way so they can easily grab their stuff and run away, should the police appear. Many people seem interested in their goods, they have to deal with several customers at once, each. The ones seen here sell clothes like trousers and jackets. This situation was after 10 pm, but anyway it was very lively on this street, nearly as on a bright day - maybe even more so. Loud cars and matatus, lots of people, danger seemed to linger in every corner. The police was indeed not far away, but very busy with managing the high traffic flow.




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While running away seems to be the usual defence against policemen disturbing the street traders’ work, what are they doing in case of theft or threat by other street traders or pedestrians?

Bob Muhia Njoroge
27 Sep 2009