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An ice-dream vendor in the central business district



Item author
Ellen Sturm
Item Created
27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
22 May 2009 1:35 am
Photo author
Josef Kril

Ice ream vendor with his ice boxes waiting for customers

Context of the observation

A man selling ice cream has parked his mobile box on the side walk and waits for customers. His box is open, even if there is no customer and he seems not to do something with it at the moment as well. People are passing by, very much ignoring him and his offerings. He is wearing a white, long jacket, like sometimes seens in the professional food industry. It’s unknown if this is because he belongs to a certain company or if he just wants to give the impression of a certain trust worthyness. His box seemed so old and standing open all the time you couldn’t help but wonder if the icecream really is still cool.



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How are mobile workers with street stalls perceived by pedestrians?

Ellen Sturm
27 Sep 2009