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Ellen Sturm
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27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
22 May 2009 1:50 am
Photo author
Ellen Sturm

Adaption of a wheelchair used for seeling sweets by a mutually disabled man

Context of the observation

A man sitting in a wheelchair, which has a little foldable table attached, on which he has placed the goods he sells: Sweets. It is very early in the morning and still dark, but the city has woken up a good while ago, pedestrians pass him regularly already and cars are driving by. He chose a location behind a fence, so there is a barrier between him and the cars. Bags are hanging at his wheelchair, they might contain more sweets or personal belongings. The sellers wears warm clothing, it is cold at this time in the morning. The wheelchair is one of a certain kind that is seen all over the city, with hand-driven paddles in front of the user, allowing for additional storage space behind the seat. And nearly all of them are painted in light blue.



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Are there specific types of mobile workplaces in which disabled people work?

Ellen Sturm
27 Sep 2009

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, people in wheelchairs sell candy in the street lights, while the cars wait for the green light. The wheelchair allows them to move quickly through the cars to sell their goods during the few minutes of red light.

Barbara Emanuel
08 Dec 2009