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Melanie Giza
Item Created
27 Sep 2009
Photo taken on
12 May 2009 8:30 am
Photo author
Josef Kril

Various types of vehicles

Sharing the space at the Globe Cinema Roundabout

Context of the observation

There are four young men using the left lane of the Globe Cinema Roundabout/ Muranga Road/ city centre with their manpowered vehicles. The first vehicle is packed with every different kind of garbage such as cardboard, plastic bags etc. One guy is pulling the vehicle upfront while another is pushing from behind in addition. The second vehicle is ten steps behind the other and packed with different sacks. There is only few traffic heading outside the centre.


Globe Cinema Roundabout, Muranga Road, Nairobi


1 Interpretation

Hundreds of businesses happen around the »Globe«. Charcoal dealing is just one of them. Most people prefer to transport their stuff using Mikokoteni. Mikokoteni drivers demand a right of way and will insult you if you show disrespect or cross their path.

Josef Kril
24 Oct 2010

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Which layers of mobility do exist on the streets of Nairobi?

Melanie Giza
27 Sep 2009