Item author
Melanie Giza
Item Created
23 May 2009
Photo taken on
19 May 2009 12:00 am
19 May 2009 2:13 pm
Photo author
Josef Kril

Shoe Shiner at the Globe

The mobility of people guarantees his income.

Matatu queing up at the northern part of the roundabout are attracting hawkers

Context of the observation

It is Muranga road during the morning rush hour. There are lots of different people on the sidewalk heading towards their work places but there are also people like this shoe cleaner whos work place is directly on the street.


Globe Cinema Roundabout, Nairobi


1 Interpretation

His benefit is the mobility of other people. The cleaners are very relaxed even if the surroundings are busy. Lots of people are working round the Globe. Most people just pass by and use the Globe in the morning and in the evening. The shoe cleaner offers a quick service adapted to the pedestrians that do not stay there.

Melanie Giza
24 Oct 2010

3 Questions & 0 Responses

How much space does a person or a group have at the Globe roundabout and what does this tell about their social status?

Melanie Giza
27 Sep 2009

At any given spot, what kind of solidarity exists between people with very different backgrounds, and what are the real-world effects of that solidarity?

Melanie Giza
09 Nov 2009

How can mobility and permanent transformation lend a certain character to a place? Which aspects of mobility and transformation have an impact on this character?

Josef Kril
24 Oct 2010