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Melanie Giza
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20 May 2009
Photo taken on
20 May 2009 12:50 pm
Photo author
Josef Kril

Riots blocking the street

A group of mechanics gathering together to fight for their land

Context of the observation

This mob of mechanics gathers together to fight for the land that the city took away from them lately. They in the area that used to be their space to work on. It was sold to someone else and transformed into a dead spot at the Globe. The mechanics are wait for a politician to come and talk to them about what is going to happen and what the city is going to offer them. Since they wouldn't leave without fighting, they had to be removed violently by the police before, so that other people at the Globe avoid this spot. The mechanics just didn't want to give up on a piece of land that served all their needs, namely work and living space.


Globe Cinema Roundabout, Nairobi


2 Interpretations

Racked by these fights, the Globe was temporarily losing its main function as major traffic intersection because nobody would use it in case violence broke out. The fear of attacks was making the population avoid this spot, and forcing them to choose alternative routes, disrupting the established traffic flow.

Josef Kril
24 Oct 2010

Nairobi’s city planning, which is usually implemented without consideration for users and residents of the Globe, provokes social tensions among the different sections of the population. This example of a group of mechanics who occupied an area that had recently been sold to someone else, gives proof of how the atmosphere can quickly change. Most of the times, these social tensions end up in violent set-to’s with the police who are in charge of implementing the decisions of the city council.

Melanie Giza
24 Oct 2010

2 Questions & 0 Responses

In what way do street fights have an impact on mobility in Nairobi?

Josef Kril
17 Sep 2009

How do structures of mobility change when the urban structure of the Globe changes?

Melanie Giza
24 Oct 2010