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Melanie Giza
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07 Jan 2010
Photo taken on
21 May 2009 9:14 am
Photo author
Melanie Giza

Pedestrian tunnel on the inside of the Globe

Context of the observation

Here one can se the pedestrian's tunnel entrance from the inside of the Globe. Crossing the three lanes of the Globe is dangerous to walk due to high traffic volume. This tunnel is an oppurtunity to cross the Globe through an underground walkway. It is a popular place for street traders to put their stalls since a lot of pedestrians pass this area during the day.


Globe Cinema Roundabout, Nairobi


2 Questions & 0 Responses

Are there more traffic assistance methods like this one? Does the city plan on integrating more methods to support pedestrians?

Melanie Giza
07 Jan 2010

If the tunnel is that dark, is it also a popular area for crimes then? Is there always one street trader or are there fights for this place because of its high attendance?

Josef Kril
07 Jan 2010