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Melanie Giza
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27 Sep 2009
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19 May 2009 12:00 am
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Melanie Giza

Where do all the matatus go?

Passengers moving inbetween the matatus

Context of the observation

We are right in the middle of Globe Cinema Roundabout at the matatu stop. This stop has constructed waiting stations where people can sit down on benches which also protect from rain. Passengers are moving between the matatus and in the middle there is a so-called "conductor" who is responsible to drag passengers into his matatu. He is holding a card with a number in his hand so people know where the car goes.


Globe Cinema Roundabout, Nairobi


1 Interpretation

The Globe matatu terminus doesn´t seem not to be under any governing authority. But the players (drivers and conductors) know each other well, a non-stipulates, non-formal order therefore exists. You know the drivers by the clothes they wear, a blue shirt and a blue half suit and a condition stipulated by the government.

Josef Kril
24 Oct 2010

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How do passengers know which route a matatu will take before boarding it?

Melanie Giza
27 Sep 2009