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Mobility has been a paradigm of innovation since the industrial revolution (cars, trains, vehicles communication including all infrastructure and services) and is one of the reasons for nowadays economical wealth. Mobility is the state of being in motion. Mobility is about making connections in time and space possible. It is about bringing things and people closer together. It is about the transportation of people, information, news, food, materials. It is about connecting people, products, goods. It is about speed and reducing distance.

In this workshop, we will have a close look mobility with bicycles in Tokyo. We are looking for innovation potentials in the usage of bicycles (also in connection with other modes of transportation) in Tokyo.  There are a lot of obvious advantages of bicycles – but also a lot of challenges.

Keywords: Public transport, individual transport, nomads, information-to-go, flexibility, walking, driving, moving, traffic, wireless, Senseable city[i], urban design, information aesthetics, information display, personalized information, mobile information, commuting, mixed mode transportation, bus, bus stop, metro, station, traffic modes, change vehicles, store, rent, tickets