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Taipei, Taiwan
Jessica Stihl
Rafael Swiniarski
Johannes Schott
Svenja Brüggemann
Judith Dörrenbächer

Initial Position

Since global mobility boosts intercultural influence and exchange, the danger of consolidation and monotony exists. Are we heading towards a boring cultural mishmash society? Big foodchains, especially American ones, become more and more popular - not only in Taiwan. Therefore global chains increasingly dictate what to eat and how to eat. Probably we loose varieties and differences. 

Taiwan, a country influenced by a lot of cultures, managed to use foreign customs for its own good. The specific mixture of cultures makes up a very unique and diverse identity. Intercultural exchange did not lead to homogeneity but to a colorful cuisine that can be experienced at the numberless small personal restaurants and street stalls. Besides the problematic effect impersonal food-changes have on society, they offer orientation and stability. A mobile society is probably not able to do without this way of simplification.