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24 Apr 2012 8:08 am
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Outdoor withering

Context of the observation

The leafs are spread outside under sunlight and the master regular turn them over.
An alternative way to dry the leafs, often used at rainy days and by night, is using a drying- table. This one is using a gas fl ame to produce dry and warm air. A ventilator is blowing these under the leafs.


No.132, Shuiliujiao Pinglin district (600- 700 a.s.l.) New Taipeh City 232 Taiwan, Taipei


1 Interpretation

Dry the leafs is one important step in tea-making process which infl uent the fi nal fl avour. The farmers equipment seems very old and rudimentary. He is using the asphalt street for spreading the leafs.

04 Jun 2012

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Is there any developed equipment available for small institutions?

04 Jun 2012