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24 Apr 2012 9:47 am
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Smart phone in traditional ceremony

Context of the observation

Traditional Tea Houses are mostly used for calm and less noisy conversation within a group of peolple. Often the ceremony process is introduced by the tea house staff. After that the role allocation is rather flexible. Therefore the teamaster could be the host or anybody within the group. The set of space belongs to the host/group and depends on the number of different teas choosen.




1 Interpretation

In fact it is not important to have a host during the `cha dao┬┤, but it is rather important to experience being a host. Furthermore it is not about the tea consumption at all, it is about people spending time together or socializing. Sometimes the teahouse is just a quite place to work ot to meet with some colleagues.

17 Aug 2012

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Why are young people not attracted to this calm atmosphere to pursue not only social interactions but working ect.?

27 Jun 2012