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24 Apr 2012 4:41 pm
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Playing Cards

Context of the observation

This picture was taken in a tea house called Tea King, where they also server a big variety of different beverages like coffee, soft drinks and beer as well as snacks and small dishes. The interior is not traditional but contemporary. There are two separated areas for smokers and non-smokers. The smoking area is open to the street. The customers were spending a lot of time there not only to drink tea and eat but also to work on their laptops, watch TV, chat or play card games.

1 Interpretation

This tea house seemes to be much more like a bar than a tea place. The main focus of the customers appeares
not to be the tea, but to use the place to hang around and meet friends. The open front also establishes
a connection to the street outside. The interesting aspect about this observation is that the tea is playing a
different role compared to German culture. The Taiwanese people are consuming it like Germans would drink
a beer on the side.

27 Jun 2012

2 Questions & 0 Responses

How relevant is the tea still in this kind of Tea-space?

27 Jun 2012

Is the taste of the tea still improtant or could it be replaced with different other drinks?

27 Jun 2012