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24 Apr 2012 9:48 am
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Pooring Tea into the Water

Context of the observation

The set of itmes and a progression of steps which needs to be accomplish to fullfill the Art of Cha Dao. The flexible part which is leading to a more experimental experience of taste is the Choice of Tea and brewing time. In contrast the set of pieces and the series of acts which define Cha Dao are predefined. The common way to enjoy tea is beside “to go” products in relation to the traditional way of making tea the home space or even public space. The equipment used is identic to the tea house space.




1 Interpretation

For most of the people the products around the teaceremony are to complex. On the other hand it is to difficult to decide which product can be eliminated. What remains is the problem of dealing with the equipement. You can enjoy or have fun by using the knowledge about the handling with the products, this is very important within the `cha dao´.

17 Aug 2012

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What functions does a product need to be still considered as the “art of making tea”?

27 Jun 2012

On exactly how many pieces can the set be broken down?

27 Jun 2012