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29 May 2012 12:41 am
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TABLE SETUP AT A TEAHOUSE IN THE MAO KONG AREA – A tea set is provided and then it is up to the guests to prepare their own tea

A tea set is provided and then it is up to the guests to prepare their own tea

Context of the observation

Maokong is a mountainous area in the outskirts of Taipei where a lot of tea houses are located. It is a popular recreational destination among Taipei people – in particular the younger generation.


No. 6, Lane 40, Section 3, Zhǐnán Road, Wunshan District Taipei City, Taiwan 116, taipei


1 Interpretation

Having in mind our previous experiences of mainly the older generation of Taiwanese being interested in the traditional way of tea preparation and consumption we headed out to Mao Kong. Entering the tea house up in the mountain we were surprised by the amount of younger people taking a break from the city while drinking tea.
This “tea ceremony” was performed without particular host, everyone could take this position. The unique features of this “tea ceremony” were sharing and experimenting. The tea equipment was only important as means.

19 Jun 2012

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How should tea preparation instructions be communicated in order to allow for a more satisfying result?

10 Sep 2012

To what extent do tea sets used in the described setup need to serve different requirements, since it is used by a big number of different people?

10 Sep 2012