Workshops and Projects


Picking Tea Leaves

Women picking tea leaves at a plantation in the mountains.

kung fu cha dao new perspectives on chinese tea culture

Cultivation, farming, harvesting, processing, preparation and consumption of tea has a long history in Mainland China, but a short and intense history in Taiwan, especially in Taipeh. By observing, researching and analysing those issues we are looking at unique characteristics, by analysing the... more

Cultural Library Meets Urban Cultural Spaces

Period: 06 Dec 2010 - 10 Dec 2010

From December 6th – 10th 2010, Prof. Sven-Anwar Bibi and Jessica Stihl conduct the project  »Cultural Library meets Urban... more

Old man crossing red light

An old man crossing with his walking sticks while red light is on. He did not look around but just walked straight.

carefully crossing red lights

people crossed when red lights on, but looked on both sides first.

At a train station

looking before crossing

At a train station

young guy crossing relax, trains are taking passengers.

At a train station

two girls crossing over the rails over a realy non-official crossing path

At a train station

People crossing over the rails at a train station

in the middle of the street

Two persons crossing in the middle of a big street, not looking on the sides, slow and with baggage.

beside the line

Two men crossing a little street beside the zebra path. One going fast, the other slow talking on his phone.

beside the line

Man crossing out of the line, looking to the sides.

beside the line

people crossing the streets out of the crossing paths

beside the line

people crossing the streets out of the crossing paths

in the middle of the street

two guys, one with bicycle, crossing between the cars with no hurry.

in the middle of the street

girls crossing in the middle of a street. no car, no hurry.

Sub, Cash and Ride

A unlocked bike is parked in front of an ATM.

natural parking

A bike locked to a tree

Inside the restaurant

The bike was parked, but not locked, in the doorway of the restaurant.

Bikes on the wall

The bikes are locked from both sides to the fence. People took the effort to lift the bike up the wall to secure it.

Bikes use Stairs

The handrail is used to lock the bike.

Adhering to the New Pattern

A cyclist decides to park his bicycle into the existing pattern of bicycles. He originally came from the other direction and walked his bicycle around to have his bike facing the same direction as all of the other ones.

Reacting to the New Pattern

A cyclist notices the change, analyzes the situation and decides to park his bicycle into the row of parked bikes.

Experiment Sketch

A sketch of the experiment. The before and after state of the bicycles.

Filling in Gaps

A sketch demonstrating how people fill in the gaps in rows of bicycles.

A Smaller Row of Bicycles

A smaller collection of bicycles can be found parked beside a garbage bin.

A Row of Bicycles

A row of bicycles found in downtown Cologne.

New State

Here we can see the result of the rearrangement. A lot of bikes have been removed, others have re-assumed their original location.


At night, we rearranged the pattern of the bicycles into a perpendicular row.

Original State

The original state of the train station parking situation. The bicycles are arranged against the walls. The rental bikes form their own group.

illegal bike parking

A bike is blocking the way to a fire hydrant.

curious people

some people came and were discussing if they can lock their bikes there or not. In the end they went away.

illegal group parking

a big group of bikes illegal parking at central station

3 signs and 1 bike

There are 3 "no bike parking" signs next to a bike. Next to the bike are more bikes.

Unhurried parker

2 people meet each other and blocking the traffic because of the parking in the second row. The other car has to drive over the pavement

Unhurried parker

Woman is standing outside, but next to her car.

Stressed parker

Woman is looking for a place to park. She drove 2 times around and was always waching until she decided to park

Comfortable parker

2 women embrace each other and don't take care to the traffic

Relax crossing

There were a bunch of people standing on the road chatting and talking.

Waiting in front of red light

a family waiting in front of red light when there is no cars.

Crossing without looking

the girl was crossing while checking her back pack, not paying attention to the light nor the road.

Busy parker

Busy man entering his wrong parked car. He doesn't concern about the no-parking-zone

Typical parking space in cologne

Silver car parks behind anoter car on same parking space

Typical parking space in cologne

Red car parks in front of white car on same parking space

in a row 2

all bikes are facing the same direction.

Usage of waiting Time: buying food

People buy food at a bakery store next to the station.

Usage of waiting time: buying things at kiosk

Kiosk next to the bus stop offers the possibility to buy things while waiting

Usage of waiting time: buying food

People using the time while waiting to buy food at bakery next to bus stop

Advertisement for bikers

Covers with advertisement were put on the saddles one morning.

Wild group of bikes

A lot of bikes in front of the central station

solo bike

A rare sight - a lonely bike parked in a back alley.

Scooter vs Bicycles

Scooters and bikes often share the same spot but they don't mix

Rental Bikes at central station

A group of rental bikes. "Normal" Bikes are parked seperatly.

behavior sketch

"There was a nice gap"

Searching for space

A woman was searching for 8 minutes to find a place for her bike.

Bikes in a row

A lot of bikes in front of a shop in the city. They are placed parallel to each other. There are more bikes parking than official parking posts.

Typical parking space in cologne

Yellow car parks behind green car on same parking space

Fruit stall next to bus stop

Possibility to use the bus stop surroundings for buying food, drinks etc.

Newspaper reading person on bus stop

Usage of waiting time: newspaper reading

Urban Intersections Cologne

Period: 14 Jun 2010 - 25 Jun 2010

Parallel to the workshop in Curitiba Prof. Philipp Heidkamp of KISD works with a second team on the same topic in Cologne, Germany:

The project is about understanding complex situations in urban space by finding simple relationships at the streetlevel, according to the topic... more

Another private parking space

This one uses the brazilian parking symbol for inicating that it is a parking space

Inside the parking lot

This is how the parking lot looks inside. Some areas are covered, some not.

private parking faܧade

This is how most of the private parking spaces look like. The most importante thing here are the prices: they could be very different according to the areas where they are located.

Woman paying in cash.

Woman paying with the debit card.

Woman getting into the tube by paying with the debit card.

Garbage removing

Cardboards are transported to the recycle center through this colecting system.

Sunblock Intervention

Cashier protecting herself from the sun

Bicycle : all day - every day

A woman riding a bike with a grandchild, shoping bags, and bakery goods to sell.

improvised parking space

the owner of this bike wasn't worried in using the proper parking rack

parking rack at Passeio Pܺblico

This is the formal place for parking the bike inside the park. It's easy and next to the police station.

improvising a parking spot

Unable to use the parking rack, these users just left their bikes in the corner of the garage.

locking the bike

Although there is a system fr locking the bikes, few of the residents use it.

parking rack inside a residential building

This parking rack puts all the bikes on a vertical position, thus saving space for the cars.

Wood Box

In curitibian`s tubes, cashiers use a box to elevate their feet from the floor, protection from rain water puddles.


A very well-located bus stop downtown Curitiba where people can exchange from one bus line to another(at a very non-crowded time of the day). Some wait in line while others lean against the resting bar.

Parking a bike at UFPR

This parking reck is on the university campus (UFPR). It is one of the few official parking spaces for bicycles in Curitiba.

Locking the Bike

Sometimes, just one lock won't be enough

Bicycle parked in a traffic sign

With no parking place avaiable around, the owner of this bicycle just locked it in a traffic sign

Covering Infra-Structure Cracks

Foam stripes often do the job

Foam and Cardboards: Alternative solutions to block wind

Most ''tube'' cashiers cover wind cracks with foam and cardboard in order to stop wind from messing with bills and sheets.

attaching 5 gallons of water to a bike

The bicycle in this pic shows how the delivery goods system works in downtown Curitiba. The people who works with it can attach up to five gallons of water to a single bike.

Busstop Santa Felicidade

Please describe this photo.

Urban Intersections Curitiba

Period: 14 Jun 2010 - 18 Jun 2010

This five-day-workshop in Curitiba is led by Jessica Stihl, designer and lecturer of Köln International School of Design (KISD).

The project is about understanding complex situations in urban space by finding simple relationships at the streetlevel, according to the topic »Mobility«. Analyzing... more

Cycling Tokyo

Mobility: Cycling Tokyo

Period: 09 Nov 2009 - 03 May 2010

Mobility has been a paradigm of innovation since the industrial revolution (cars, trains, vehicles communication including all infrastructure and services) and is one of the reasons for nowadays economical wealth. Mobility is the state of being in motion. Mobility is about making connections in... more

Digital Decentralisation

Mobility of the job market

Jobless Corner

The open source Job table

Non-motorized vehicles

Small-scale mobility solutions

Dynamic urban patterns

The case of the globe cinema roundabout

Movement of Stuff

Sukuma Wiki


Interactions with barriers to mobility

Mobile Workplaces

Jobs on the go

Mobility in Nairobi 2009

Mobility is one of the crucial issues of the Cultural Library. For the project cooperation between Cologne and Nairobi, Mobility at Nairobi has been the starting point for our common discussionand research for possible topics. Mobility is not limited to physical mobilit or traffic and... more

Street Stalls VII

Cologne »Ordnungsamt«

Street Stalls VII Cologne

Period: 28 Oct 2008 - 09 Oct 2009

Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi (MAU) came to Cologne for the third time in order to do a street stalls workshop at KISD. more


The exhibition »Mobile Eating« took place at the Shih-Chien University, Taipei.

Exhbition Opening

The KISD students surrounded by Taiwanese students, explaining their complex topic, research aims and concepts.

Exhibition Space

The exhibition was devided into different parts: In this part the problems were revealed.

Exhibition: Peanuts to go

This product deals with the topic »Ecology and Mobility«.

Exhibition: One minute

Hopefully we do not have to be forced to be social. What happens if one minute of relaxing has to be consumed as a product?

Exhibition: Global Breakfast

Diversity in a globalized world. Enjoy the variety of meals that different countries have to offer!

Exhibition Opening

During the presentation

Exhibition Opening

The KISD students presented their two months project...

Exhibition Opening



The documentation gives an insight into the research process.

Exhibition Space

After the opening night ...

Mobile Eating Taipei

Period: 01 Aug 2008 - 28 Sep 2010

»Mobile Eating« is different then the previous Cultural Library projects: It is the first research by students in another culture than their own. Furthermore it took much longer than the previous research workshops. Svenja Brüggemann, Judith Dörrenbächer, Johannes Schott, Jessica Stihl, Rafael... more


The exhibition space before the opening.


The exhibition space before the opening.





Exhibition Opening: Space

The exhibition space was divided into three different parts: 1. The project results of previous workshops in Taipei. 2. The info wheels giving insights into the current working process and the complex topic of mobility. 3. The huge blogs with big amounts of papers and typewriters to get feeback from the visitos.

Exhibition Opening: Speech

Angela Spizig, mayor of Cologne

Exhibition Opening: Speech

Applause to the speakers: Angea Spizig, mayor of Cologne, Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan (SCID), Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (KISD)

Exhibition Opening: Speech

Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan

Exhibition Opening: Typewriters

The visitors could leave their feedback and comments to the project groups´ provoking statements concerning mobility issues.

Exhibition Opening: Visitors

The director of KISD, Prof. Jenz Großhans and the mayor of Cologne, Angela Spizig.

Exhibition Opening

Prof. Wan-Ru Chou


Preparing the exhibition


The project group a few days before the opening.

Project meeting

Taiwanese guests with Prof. Philipp Heidkamp

Project Meeting

Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan, Prof. Philipp Heidkamp and Prof. Wan-Ru Chou

Project Meeting

Exhibition space in process.

Sustainable Mobility Cologne

Period: 09 Jun 2008 - 14 Nov 2009

This project was held in cooperation with the Shih-Chien University in Taipei. KISD collaborated with students from Taipei. Based on two workshops in Taipei (by Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan und Prof. Wan-Ru Chou from Taipei and by Prof. Heidkamp) the students prepared an exhibition about Sustainable... more


Street Stalls in Taipei

Street Stalls VI Taipei

Period: 14 Jan 2008 - 08 Oct 2009

In January 2008 the two Japanese professors Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi (MAU) did a street stalls workshop in Taipei with students from the Shih-Chien University, Taipei. more

Cultural Library Weblog

For the project »Sustainbable Mobility« in Taipei, a weblog was set up, where the Taiwanese students had the possibility to upload and discuss their project results.

Sustainable Mobility Taipei

Period: 03 Dec 2007 - 08 Oct 2009

The project »Sustainable Mobility« took place at the Shih-Chien University in Taipei and was held by Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (KISD). more

Street Stall in London

Music Tapes and CDs

Street Stalls V London

Period: 08 Oct 2007 - 08 Oct 2009

This street stalls workshop again took place at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and was led by Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi (MAU). more

Heiße Maronen

Hot chestnuts on a cold day

Street Stalls IV Cologne

Period: 22 Oct 2007 - 08 Oct 2009

Street Stalls IV took place in Cologne and was led by the Cultural Library initiators Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi from Musashino Art University. It is the second Cultural Library project at KISD. more


Street Stall in London

Street Stalls III London

Period: 30 Oct 2006 - 08 Oct 2009

The third street stalls workshop, led by Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi of the Musashino Art University, Tokyo, took place at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. more


Kiosk at the Ring


Kisok at the Ring


Currywurst und Pommes


Market at the Rudolfplatz

Frische italienische Landbrote

Market at Rudolfplatz


Market at the Rudolfplatz

Kölner Express

Newspaper to go


Phone Box

Kinder Flohmarkt

Fleamarket for children

Grill Händel

Chicken rosted on a spit


Street Artist


Cologne souvenirs next to the cathedral


Toys and chewing gums


Fruits and vegetables in Ehrenfeld


Organic food at the Severinskirchplatz


Vegetables in the Schildergasse


Coffee to go


Handmade wooden letters

Letters 2


Wooden Figures

Handcrafted small figures, made of wood

Street Stalls II Cologne

Period: 23 Oct 2006 - 08 Oct 2009

In October 2006 Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi (MAU) led the first street stalls workshop in Cologne, together with Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (KISD).

Street stalls as an interface in between the city life and the city space. There are many different kinds of street stalls in... more


Street stalls in Tokyo

Street Stalls I Tokyo

Period: 04 Sep 2006 - 08 Oct 2009

Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi and Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa of the Musashino Art University, Tokyo initiated the Cultural Library with this first Street Stalls workshop in Tokyo.