People » Local Representatives

In the collaborative project with Nairobi in 2009, it became immediately obvious that the integration of local representatives (informants, as they are called in ethnography), in addition to the local workshop participants, will lead to a substantial improvement in the project results. In these projects, the local people were far more involved than just being informants: they made valuable contributions as cultural representatives and they felt like important participants in this project, not simply subjects being observed and described. Furthermore, visitors to the open studio at the Goethe-Institut, Nairobi and at KISD in Cologne and visitors to the exhibition and the online platform should be able to give both open and › directed ‹ feedback, both as comments to, and further questions, on, the results of the projects. Their feedback and insights are very valuable, if it is › channeled ‹ in a way that means that it can be compared to past and future entries. With this qualified feedback, we are aiming at constantly refining and improving our interpretations. So the process of cultural interpretation goes beyond the timeframe of the workshop and its fieldwork, as we plan to actively invite people from different cultures to participate in the project with their interpretations and questions. In the near future, we will be developing new ways of › inviting ‹ and integrating people from all over the world at this specific stage of the project.