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  • Mobility: Cycling Tokyo

    /Workshops and Projects » Mobility: Cycling Tokyo


    ... of bicycles – but also a lot of challenges. Keywords: Public transport, individual transport, nomads, information-to-go, flexibility, walking, driving, moving, traffic, wireless, Senseable city [i] , urban design, information aesthetics, information display, personalized information, ...

  • Parking a bicycle

    /Workshops and Projects » Urban Intersections Cologne » Parking a bicycle


    ... be moved. Some bikes seem not to move at all while some change their location every couple of hours. During this project we have spent our time walking around the city and (at first) passivly observing how, where and why people park in the way the do. Later on in the project we took on an ... Solutions Throughout Cologne it is quite usual to see bicycles park against unusual structures. We photographed some of these bicycles while


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