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  • plan09 Exhibition



    ... source job table Monday 28.09., 18 h, Dynamic Urban Patterns: Case of the Globe Cinema Roundabout Tuesday 29.09., 18 h Small-Scale Mobility Solutions: Non-motorized vehicles Wednesday 30.09., 18 h Mobile Workplaces Thursday 01.10., 18 h Movement of Stuff: Sukumawiki Friday 02.10., 18 Uhr ...

  • Mobility in Nairobi 2009

    /Workshops and Projects » Mobility in Nairobi 2009


    ... 00 00 Digital Decentralisation Mobility of the job market Jobless Corner The open source Job table Non-motorized vehicles Small-scale mobility solutions Dynamic urban patterns The case of the globe cinema roundabout Movement of Stuff Sukuma Wiki Resilience Interactions with barriers to mobility ...


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