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  • Publication 2010

    /Project Scope/Publication 2010


    Publication 2010 Learning from Nairobi – Mobility After one year of joint editing, the Cultural Library publication will be released on 26th of October 2010. The same day it will be presented at Köln ... KISDedition (you can order the book there as well). Below you can see a preview of the publication.

  • CL presentation and book launch



    CL presentation and book launch On October 26 at 5.30 PM, the new Cultural Library publication "Learning from Nairobi: Mobility" will be presented. The presentation will be part of a discussion about the Cultural Library project at ...

  • plan 09 closed



    ... sometimes in manner of "tribal meetings". The core isues of the projects were discussed, a lot of additional aspects for the current publications were brought to the surface. More that 300 visitors during the week came, talked to the students, discussed some issues in the open ...


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