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  • plan09 Exhibition



    ... 27.09., 18 h, Resilience: Interactions with Barriers to Mobility / Jobless Corner: The open source job table Monday 28.09., 18 h, Dynamic Urban Patterns: Case of the Globe Cinema Roundabout Tuesday 29.09., 18 h Small-Scale Mobility Solutions: Non-motorized vehicles Wednesday 30.09., 18 h Mobile ...

  • Mobility in Nairobi 2009

    /Workshops and Projects » Mobility in Nairobi 2009


    ... The open source Job table Non-motorized vehicles Small-scale mobility solutions Dynamic urban patterns The case of the globe cinema roundabout Movement of Stuff Sukuma Wiki Resilience ... entire... more Movement of Stuff: Sukuma Wiki This essay attempts to analyse the mobility patterns of an everyday product in Nairobi, Kenya: the traditional green leaf vegetable Sukuma Wiki . ... and urban areas, making this ubiquitous food item is an excellent... more Dynamic urban

  • Urban Intersections Cologne

    /Workshops and Projects » Urban Intersections Cologne


    ... of a complex (mega)city. As Lucius Burkardt pointed out, "Design is invisible". We have to look beyond the visible, unveil and understand the patterns (Christopher Alexander) and come up with ideas of the social qualities in the design of urban space. We approach the topic by investigating ... more Using bus stops Which types of bus stops exist? Which information are provided? How doe people behave? What is the context about? Which

  • Workshops and Projects

    /Workshops and Projects


    ... is used to lock the bike. Adhering to the New Pattern A cyclist decides to park his bicycle into the existing pattern of bicycles. He originally came from the other ... as all of the other ones. Reacting to the New Pattern A cyclist notices the change, analyzes the situation ... location. Rearrangement At night, we rearranged the


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