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    ... 4. Furthermore, Cultural Library is an international network of research partners, institutions and universities. This network will be strategically developed furthewith the focus ... in different cultures, by supporting us with local networks and a discourse about topics. Exhibitions or even ... for projects such as these that are designed like

  • Cultural Library Team

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    ... corporation) throughout the 1970s. Since then he has been involved in various media developments such as laptop computers, computer network services, and digital media culture magazines. His current field of research is designing an emergent communication environment. Philipp ... and is responsible for the advancement of Cultural Library with regards to its contents, structure, research methods and the intercultural

  • Partner Institutions

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    ... KISD offers opportunities for project-orientated learning and for working within international teams. Because of the special focal point on networked thinking and action, KISD naturally concentrates on cooperation and research projects with partners from business, science. MAU, Tokyo ... of the values of the professions we represent. As a center of Architectural learning we endeavor to be an effective node in the international


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