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  • Urban Intersections Cologne

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    ... carparks? How do people use it? How do people act, interact? What are the rules, what are the laws? What are the underlying principles? What can be questioned? more Parking a bicycle Where can ... do people have? What is the relation of people involved in such situations? What are rules, laws and principles? Which systems exist? more Using bus stops Which types of bus stops exist? ... while attempting to cross a street and crossing a street? What are the rules, what are the

  • Parking a car

    /Workshops and Projects » Urban Intersections Cologne »  Parking a car


    ... nearly every street has marked parking spaces on the side. How the people park? Where do they park? What are the rules and what are the laws? How do the people proceed and interact with the car parking place? We chose car parking as the topic and went out to the streets to observe ... of different car parkers, but found, that most of them still had the same connection to their cars. Item Overview #122 Car parkers bending the

  • Parking a bike in Curitiba

    /Workshops and Projects » Urban Intersections Curitiba » Parking a bike in Curitiba


    ... have never been the center of the attention here in Brazil, regarding to our politics and laws toward traffic, regarding to our people and cities toward mobility, and most important, ... that Curitiba and all the other brazilian cities are compared to other cities? Although our laws and codes consider it as a vehicle (even though not clearly enough), our culture don't. 70% ... is provided and how do people interact with it? What are the issues concerning safety and


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