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  • Local Representatives

    /People/Local Representatives


    ... feedback, we are aiming at constantly refining and improving our interpretations. So the process of cultural interpretation goes beyond the timeframe of the workshop and its fieldwork, as we plan to actively invite people from different cultures to participate in the project with their ...

  • Online Knowledge Base

    /Project Scope/Online Knowledge Base


    ... platform and structural backbone for the on-site project work, providing a workshop framework, input and methodological support . The intranet of the platform of the participating ... Library, and this will be addressed in future projects: the current version shows a clear framework for further developments. items items , described below and on momentary snapshots. It ... Library, and this will be addressed in future projects: the current version shows a clear

  • Research



    ... via one ore several ITEMS – snapshots in time and space that are subjects to further interpretation by the workshop team. The here presented framework for a methodological toolbox is continuously improved and updated on this website, where it will also help future project teams to do ...

  • Methodology



    ... the website - with the possibility to be commented by other people. Shadowing Local people are observed or accompanied (shadowed) during a time frame of hours in their "natural" environment at specific "actions" by a project team member. Shadowing is a non-participative obseravtion and aims ...

  • Perspectives

    /Project Scope/Perspectives


    ... institutions and project partners. Aiming at the further development of the Cultural Library framework and the initiation of the superordinate research project, we consider the aims presented ... the Goethe Institut or the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), in order to provide a framework for future projects. For this further advancement of Cultural Library as a research project, we aim to strengthen the


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