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  • Diversity and Mobilty

    /Workshops and Projects » Mobile Eating Taipei » Diversity and Mobilty


    ... influence and exchange, the danger of consolidation and monotony exists. Are we heading towards a boring cultural mishmash society? Big foodchains, especially American ones, become more and more popular - not only in Taiwan. Therefore global chains increasingly dictate what to eat ... cuisine that can be experienced at the numberless small personal restaurants and street stalls. Besides the problematic effect impersonal

  • Mobility: Cycling Tokyo

    /Workshops and Projects » Mobility: Cycling Tokyo


    ... time and space possible. It is about bringing things and people closer together. It is about the transportation of people, information, news, food, materials. It is about connecting people, products, goods. It is about speed and reducing distance. In this workshop, we will have a close ...


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