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  • Mobility in Nairobi 2009

    /Workshops and Projects » Mobility in Nairobi 2009


    ... Movement of Stuff Sukuma Wiki Resilience Interactions with barriers to mobility Mobile Workplaces Jobs on the go Mobility is one of the ... themes, all those aspects go together. Resilience: Interactions with barriers to mobility From an outsider’s perspective, barriers are a large and integral part of the culture of mobility in Nairobi. The abundance of

  • plan09 Exhibition



    ... every evening: Saturday 26.09., 18 h Digital decentralization: Job market and mobility Sunday 27.09., 18 h, Resilience: Interactions with Barriers to Mobility / Jobless Corner: The open source job table Monday 28.09., 18 h, Dynamic Urban Patterns: Case of the Globe Cinema Roundabout ...


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