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  • Awareness and Mobility

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    ... Dörrenbächer Initial Position People do not want to waste time by eating or even cooking. The break to eat should be as short as possible. The awareness of what we eat will decrease. Furthermore the question arises if it is healthy to eat while working, walking or watching. Being aware of the ... of meals in restaurants and street stalls often takes place highly visible for customers. Making the process of cooking transparent, the

  • Range of topics

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    ... Waiting Wakulima Market Wakulima market Wood box acceleration access adaptations adaption advantage aesthetics animals assistance availability awareness barriers behaviors bicycle bicycles big boda bike blocking boda boda braking branding breakfast bus station bus stop business busses car cars ...

  • Mobile Eating Taipei

    /Workshops and Projects » Mobile Eating Taipei


    ... between eating and mobility we point out four main topics: diversity and mobility, sociality and mobility, ecology and mobility as well as awareness and mobility.« »Mobile Eating« is different then the previous Cultural Library projects: It is the first research by students in another ...


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