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  • Cultural Library goes West



    Cultural Library goes West Joint project between KISD (Cologne, Germany) and UFPR (Curitiba, Brazil) in June 2010 In June 2010, the first project of Cultural Library will take place in Brazil ( Curitiba ). In the same time, there will be a project in Cologne . The common topic is "Urban Intersections". written on 8. June 2010 in News by ...

  • Urban Intersections Curitiba

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    ... Federal do Paranܡ (UFPR) This five-day-workshop in Curitiba is led by Jessica Stihl, designer and lecturer of ... research and analysis tools and explore the city of Curitiba. The transformation of the research results will be ... heavy goods on a bike As many cities, downtown Curitiba has a traffic jam during most time of the day, and ... to supply this social... more Parking a bike in

  • About Cultural Library

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    ... in 2007 and Nairobi, Kenya ( University of Nairobi , Goethe-Institute Nairobi ) in 2009. In 2010 Jessica Stihl (KISD) led the first project in Curitiba, Brazil ( Universidade Federal de Paranܡ ).


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