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  • Street Stalls VII Cologne

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    ... 28 Oct 2008 - 09 Oct 2009 Initiator Musashino Art University (MAU) Partners Köln International School of Design (KISD) 00 00 Street Stalls VII Cologne »Ordnungsamt« Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi (MAU) came to Cologne for the third time in order to do a street stalls workshop at KISD.

  • Cultural Library goes West



    Cultural Library goes West Joint project between KISD (Cologne, Germany) and UFPR (Curitiba, Brazil) in June 2010 In June 2010, the first project of Cultural Library will take place in Brazil ( Curitiba ). In the same time, there will be a project in Cologne . The common topic is "Urban Intersections". written on 8. June 2010 in News by Cultural Library « back

  • Urban Intersections Cologne

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    ... of KISD works with a second team on the same topic in Cologne, Germany: The project is about understanding complex ... research and analysis tools and explore the city of Cologne. The transformation of the research results will be ... open discourse will be initiated. Urban Intersections Cologne Topic 1 more Urban Intersections

  • co4

    /Workshops and Projects » Street Stalls II Cologne » co4


    Topic Info Year 2006 Place Cologne, Germany Participants Arlon Stok Olga Epikhina Jessica Stihl Marc Wenzel Initial Position The group co4 observed street stalls all over the city of Cologne. Their analysis criteria were: visibility, personal service, improvisation, mobility, uniqueness, regular customers. They pointed out the ...

  • Street Stalls II Cologne

    /Workshops and Projects » Street Stalls II Cologne


    ... rosted on a spit Baloons Street Artist Souvenirs Cologne souvenirs next to the cathedral Balls Toys and ... (MAU) led the first street stalls workshop in Cologne, together with Prof. Philipp Heidkamp (KISD). Street ... as new aspects of design through this workshop. Cologne Stalls Guide This group developed the »


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